Every Hallow Talon piece tells a story, containing an artifact of the past bound to a contemporary vision, featuring unique antique treasures, making them truly one of a kind.  

The original inspiration to make leather accessories for HT came from experiments using all salvaged textiles and leather.  Reclaimed leather is still used as much as possible.  For this reason, there may be imperfections in the hides.  Materials such as leather is either purchased from a humane trading post, from tanning friends, or is hand harvested.    

Jaclyn DeSantis, creator of Hallow Talon, works in different mediums but throughout all of her creative explorations she has always enjoyed playing with an unexpected dichotomy of textures or images, usually with found objects chosen for their age and character.  This theme has been present in Jaclyn's work from her beginnings with mixed media and collage made of rummaged objects from the streets and dumpsters of NY, to her later explorations with fiber arts, and her current work with leather and accessories. Jaclyn also works at the Ojai Raptor Center, a 501c3 non-profit wildlife rehabilitation organization which specializes in birds of prey.